Sports Exhaust Systems

Want something a little different than your standard direct-fit exhaust system? Ask us how we can help by supplying a sports exhaust system for your vehicle!

Depending on your vehicle and engine setup, a sports exhaust system can improve performance (torque and power) and fuel economy, and of course the exhaust note.

From complete cat-back or turbo-back exhaust systems, to a simple muffler delete or replacement universal free-flowing sports muffler, we can help you out.

Northern Mufflers stock or can source a wide variety of popular aftermarket sports exhaust brands, including Redback Performance Exhaust, XForce, and Husky Performance. We are also a Manta Gold Dealer.

Manta Performance offers a full range of performance exhaust systems, for 4WD and street vehicles, for on-road, off-road and race applications. They are developed and manufactured in Australia, meaning high quality, well fitting exhaust systems, made for Australian conditions. Visit their website, find the system for your vehicle, and give us a call for a price!

Complete bolt-on exhaust systems are easier to convert back to stock compared to custom exhaust systems, so we recommend these where available to suit your vehicle.

If you would prefer to fabricate your own exhaust system, we have all the parts you need. We carry in stock a wide range of universal mufflers, resonators, hot dogs, tubing and clamps, as well as gaskets, rubbers and brackets. We have a hydraulic press-bender for tube sizes up to 3" OD, and can expand tube up to 5" OD.

Contact us today - we can talk you through your options!

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