Universal Truck Mufflers

Universal mufflers are generally a more cost-effective option than buying direct fit OEM mufflers. We stock and sell a range of universal mufflers for trucks and tractors. 

Available in Performance and Mid-Range options for a variety of applications and configurations including: 

  • Inlet/Outlet Positions: In & Out Same End, Dual In/Single Out, Side In/Side Out, Side In/End Out, End In/Side Out, Offset/Offset, Centre/Centre
  • Barrel Shape: Oval or Round
  • Muffler Internals: Straight Through, Semi Baffled or Baffled

Click through the below categories, or head on over to our Flowtech Advantage website to find the part you need, and then please get in touch with us for price and availability. 

If a suitable universal muffler cannot be found, our options don't end there! We can design and manufacture a custom made muffler to suit almost any vehicle.

The more information you can provide us with the better - genuine part number, make, model, series, engine, turbo (if fitted), pipework size, dimensions, inlet and outlet positions, etc. 

Fill out our Custom Manufacture Checklist and we will get back to you!