Custom Thermal Insulation Blankets

We have a full range of thermal insulation and lagging products for all exhaust and other industrial applications - from ready-made turbo covers to custom-made, custom-fit thermal blankets for complete exhaust systems.

If you require custom-fit thermal blankets, we can manage the entire project for you, including:

  • Travel to site to measure up your exhaust system
  • Providing a detailed quote
  • Australian manufacture of the blankets for superior quality and fast turnaround
  • Installation and commissioning of blankets.

What is Thermal Insulation?

Thermal insulation blankets or covers are fitted to exhaust systems, in order to reduce the surface temperature, therefore reducing the risk of fire. These blankets typically consist of 3 layers:

  1. The first (inner layer) is known as the Hot Face, and is the surface in immediate contact with the manifold, turbo or pipework. This consists of aluminium-backed silica-glass cloth of continuous filament amorphous silica material.
  2. The second (middle layer) is the main Insulation Layer. Known as Needle Mat, it can be varied in thickness, depending on specific requirements or physical space restrictions. 
  3. The third (outer layer) is known as the Cold Face, and consists of a silica-glass cloth which can be coated in a variety of different materials such as silicone, aluminium or Teflon. Silicone coating is the most popular, particularly on mobile underground plant, as it is non-absorbent and repels oils or other flammable liquids that may cause a fire. 

What are the benefits of Thermal Insulation Blankets?

The safety of your staff and assets is our top priority. Installing our thermal insulation blankets will provide the following benefits:

  • Elimination of ignition points
  • Increased safety for operators by reducing surface temperatures
  • Increased life expectancy of exhaust components with temperatures spread more evenly across entire exhaust system
  • Custom, tailored design - each vehicle or engine is measured to fit
  • No external heat conductors such as mesh, plates or pins
  • Highest quality materials used in manufacture
  • Removable and reusable
  • Washable

Place your enquiry with us today - we look forward to working with you in providing a solution to your thermal protection requirements!