Direct Fit Car Exhaust Parts

Northern Mufflers can supply direct-fit, bolt-on aftermarket car exhaust parts for virtually any make and model of vehicle. We have the latest parts catalogues available to ensure we supply the correct part for your vehicle. 

For us to assist you in the best way possible, before you call please have all the following information ready:

  • Make, Model, Variant and Year of vehicle (e.g. 1996 Toyota Hilux RN106)
  • Body type and configuration (e.g. sedan, wagon, utility)
  • Engine capacity, number of cylinders and engine number or code
  • Transmission (e.g. 2WD, 4WD)
  • Any vehicle modifications or aftermarket accessories fitted (e.g. sports system, raised suspension, long range fuel tanks, tool boxes)

Car exhaust parts we supply are as follows:

  • Engine Pipes: factory equivalent as well as sports designs.
  • Mufflers: factory equivalent as well as sports and universal designs, in mild steel, aluminised steel and stainless steel. 
  • Tail Pipes: factory equivalent as well as sports designs.
  • Cat Converters: both universal and direct fit. 

We can also supply extractors (headers), which are designed to increase the performance of your engine or an option if you need to replace a broken, cracked, or leaking factory manifold. Tuned or racing/competition headers are available for worked engines, as well as standard. We work with brands such as Genie, Wildcat, Hurricane, Hitech and Pacemaker. We recommend these are installed by your mechanic. 

We work with several Australian manufacturers and importers, as well as specialist rare spares parts suppliers. We have had a lot of success in supplying parts to our customers that have been otherwise very difficult to locate! 

If you are restoring an older vehicle and need direct fit exhaust parts, we may have the exact part you require. We have quite a large range of engine pipes & tail pipes in stock to suit older model cars.

Contact us today so we can help you out!