Spark Arrestors

Spark Arrestors are a perfect solution to reduce the risk of fire from the ignition of flammable materials caused by spark emissions from an engine. Typical applications including Logging/Forestry, Construction Equipment, Agricultural Machinery (e.g. Harvesters), Airport Equipment, Petroleum, Mining, and Military Vehicles.

You may need to meet the following requirements:

  • Compliance to AS1019-2000
  • Compliance to US Forestry Standard 5100-1D
  • Operating machinery in a dusty or combustible environment
  • Operating machinery in farm paddocks

The spark arrestors Northern Mufflers are able to provide can be made to suit turbo and non-turbo applications. Made in Australia to AS1019-2000 standards, they are heavy duty with fully welded construction and offer a 2 year warranty. They can be built into mufflers, customised to be extra quiet, and even include emission control.

Head on over to our Flowtech Advantage website to find the spark arrestor you need, and then please get in touch with us for price and availability.

Remember that if required, we can manufacture spark arrestors to suit your specific application. The more information you can provide us with the better - make, model, series, engine, turbo or non-turbo, horsepower, pipework size, dimensions, required standard compliance, on/off road use, if site has speed restrictions or not.