Our Most Popular Truck Muffler: Flowtech Performance Sports Mufflers

Ask Northern Mufflers about our most popular universal truck mufflers, the Flowtech Performance series.

Available in a full range of barrel lengths, barrel diameters and inlet/outlet sizes, the straight through designs help deliver:

  • Awe-inspiring sound
  • Enhanced performance
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Unrestricted flow.

Made in Australia for Australian conditions, Flowtech Performance mufflers feature:

  • High heat painted finish for added durability
  • Aluminised steel construction for improved rust resistance
  • Fully welded (not folded) seams for added longevity
  • Reinforced end plates for superior strength (for larger, heavier chrome stacks)
  • Domed end plates to prevent moisture build up
  • Fibre glass packing for superior tone - no hollow sound
  • Laser-engraved model plates to ensure consistency of supply
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty.

These are heavy duty mufflers for heavy duty trucks!

Head on over to the Flowtech Advantage website to find the muffler to suit your truck.

Our most common model is the M1044-500S: 10" barrel diameter, 44" barrel length, 5" inlet and outlet. You can order from our online store, Ultimax Industries - we ship Australia-wide!

Consider combining a Flowtech Performance muffler with a Silverback Chrome stack and one of our chrome elbows, to set your truck apart from others on the road. Don't forget your clamps, guards and brackets - Northern Mufflers can assist you with these as well.

And remember, the entire Australian-made Flowtech range of mufflers can be customised to your specific requirements - if you can't find the configuration you require in our standard product range, please give us a call!

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