Now Offering: DPM & Exhaust Gas Testing Service

Northern Mufflers is pleased to announce we now provide a measuring and reporting service to track and trend diesel particulate and exhaust gas emissions of your mobile plant and heavy equipment.

We have the latest and most trusted measuring equipment available, and testing is conducted on-site for your convenience.

Many companies with vehicles working in enclosed or confined spaces, such as underground mines, require their diesel vehicles to be tested regularly to ensure diesel particulate matter (DPM) and exhaust gases (such as CO, CO₂, NO and NO₂) are within safe and acceptable levels.

Diesel Particulate Matter Measurement

Our diesel particulate matter analyser tests the effectiveness of DPFs (diesel particulate filters) in real-time, using a variety of tests (stall, free acceleration, continuous measurement) in accordance with MDG 29 guidelines.

Exhaust Gas Analysis

Our Testo 340 flue gas analyser measures levels of carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and other harmful gases that are produced in internal combustion engines.

Why is DPM and Exhaust Gas Testing Important?

If you own or operate diesel vehicles in your fleet, it's important to monitor how effectively your filters are performing. DPFs and other similar devices are essential in removing harmful gases from the environment, and to protect people working near diesel engines in confined spaces. It is critical for the operation of heavy machinery underground, and most mines will not allow machines to enter if they fail these tests.

Where to from here?

Please contact us to see how we can help you - we can set up a regular DPM and exhaust gas testing schedule for your fleet, or attend site as and when required, throughout Tasmania. Once tests are completed, we provide you with summarised test reports for each machine.

Testo 340