Which Chrome Stack is Best for My Truck?

If you own trucks, chances are you need your fleet to be in top shape – clean, shiny, polished, etc. It’s good for your business, improves professionalism, and is often a point of difference!

One of the items that makes your truck look great is your chrome stacks. But have you noticed, with newer trucks, they can be more difficult to keep clean?

If your truck is fitted with a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) or requires AdBlue, exhaust gases are hotter and chrome can rust, oxidise or discolour, making it almost impossible to retain the high shine finish without a higher quality chrome.

Here at Northern Mufflers, the great news is we have 3 ranges, meaning we can cater to the requirements of all our customers.

  • Standard Chrome: Our economy series, with a very large range of traditional cut and curve designs, with standard and reducing inlets. Suitable for any truck built prior to Euro V (ADR80/03) compliance, mostly 2009 or earlier. 1 year warranty. Click here to view our range of Standard Chrome Stacks.
  • Silverback 350C Series Chrome: Offering a better quality chrome finish than our Standard Chrome range, the 350C Series range is for the older classic truck or any truck built prior to the introduction of the Euro V standard, where exhaust gases reaches temperatures of up to 350°C. Our vertical polishing system results in surface uniformity to chrome never previously available in Australia – as opposed to cylindrical polishing, which can leave ring marks. Can also be purchased with an AdBlue protective internal coating, for vehicles that run AdBlue, but do not have a DPF. 1 year warranty. Click here to view our range of Silverback Chrome Stacks.
  • Silverback 650C Series Chrome: The ultimate in high quality, long-lasting chrome. Developed in the USA, the 650C Series retains all the features of the 350C Series and adds a stainless steel internal sleeve and a multi-phase proprietary system of protection coatings. It is designed to withstand temperatures of up to 650°C and resist the corrosive effects of Urea Re-Agents (i.e. AdBlue) – think discolouration, internal corrosion, external dribble marks, and bug stains. Suitable for any truck manufactured to Euro V specifications, that runs on Adblue and features an SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction) and/or a DPF. 2 year warranty. Click here to view our range of Silverback Chrome Stacks.

When selecting a chrome stack, make sure you choose a suitable grade of chrome for your truck. You won’t want to be replacing them every 12 months when you don’t have to.

With over 400 different stacks now available from Northern Mufflers, we can help you find the right stack. Reach out to us today, and we can talk you through your options!

Did you know we have over 400 different chrome stacks available?

We can help you find the exact stack you need!

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