What is Aluminised Steel?

Our customers often ask us about aluminised steel products, and how it differs to mild steel.

Often confused with aluminium, aluminised steel is technically 'aluminised mild steel'. This means it has an aluminium-silicon alloy coating, applied on all sides during manufacture using a process called 'hot-dipping'. The result is a new material that provides a combination of the best characteristics of both steel and aluminium. It has the strength of steel but maintains the surface qualities of aluminium. It offers:

  • Good formability - can be folded, bent, corrugated, rolled without breaking
  • High temperature resistance - in excess of 450°C, so is often used in high-temperature applications such as exhaust systems
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient - when compared to stainless steel, it is less likely to deform under heat stress
  • Good corrosion resistance - when compared with either carbon steel or aluminium.

Aluminised steel can be identified by its bright (but not shiny) light grey finish with no surface rust.

Why should I buy Aluminised Steel?

Aluminised steel lasts longer than uncoated mild steel. While it may cost 10-20% more than mild steel, the life of the product is generally extended by that amount, if not scratched or damaged.

Aluminised steel is good for harsher environments where mild steel is known to rust quickly, and when stainless steel options are not affordable or readily available.

Is Aluminised Steel difficult to work with?

No, it is no different to uncoated mild steel. It bends, expands and welds exactly the same. The aluminium coating does not need to be removed before welding. It is easier to work with than stainless steel.

At Northern Mufflers, our preference is to use aluminised steel wherever possible. Most of our mufflers, including our universal, direct-fit and custom-made ranges are made from aluminised steel.

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