Improve the Exhaust Note of your Ram 1500

We all know how popular American-style pickup trucks are in Australia, Chevrolet Silverados and GMC Sierras, to Ford F-Trucks and Ram 1500’s, you name it, they’re here and we see them a lot now. But there’s a small problem – we can’t always hear them! The factory exhausts are often too quiet to hear the throaty V8 note most of us love.

The Ram 1500 is one of the more regular pickup trucks we see in here at Northern Mufflers, and in recent months we’ve satisfied many customers with fitting their trucks with a muffler replacement that is fully reversible to stock. The factory muffler is removed and a Husky stainless steel universal muffler is fitted, along with some other pipework modifications. The end result is a healthy V8 note which offers less restriction and better performance, and we’ve had nothing but positive feedback!

In time we are expecting full performance exhaust systems for the Rams will become available, but for now this is a straightforward and cost-effective aftermarket upgrade that will make your Ram 1500 pickup truck stand out from the crowd all the more!

Contact us to get a quote, and to hear a sound clip of the Ram with our recommended upgrade.

Ram Laramie 3
Ram Laramie 2
Ram Laramie
MCO8514 300 SSP
Husky Stainless 409
MCO8414 250 CSS