Has Your Truck Exhaust Been Defected?

With so much focus on safety and compliance these days, the authorities are often on the lookout for vehicles that are in need of repair. This can often extend to a vehicle's exhaust system, whether it be a failed catalytic converter, a muffler hanging too low to the ground, or parts of the exhaust system missing altogether!

Trucks and other heavy on-road vehicles aren't exempt from complying to rules and regulations either - in actual fact they have recently been getting more and more attention, with their more complicated emissions control systems - diesel particulate filters (DPF), selective catalytic reduction (SCR), etc.

Has your truck's exhaust system been given a defect notice?

The good news is Northern Mufflers is Tasmania's specialist truck exhaust repairer, and we'd love to help you get back on the road again safely. Give us a call to book an inspection and receive a quote.

If the truck isn't driveable, we may be able to attempt a repair if you can simply bring the part/s in. We can often successfully make up sections of pipework from a sample.

We have been able to assist thousands of our customers over the years with the following common truck exhaust system repairs:

  • Lipped flanges - supply replacement and re-weld
  • Elbows - from the y-piece through to the base of the muffler
  • Flexible tube sections, including clamps
  • Y-pieces - from direct fit parts, to full custom fabrication using splitter tees and bends
  • Muffler replacements - bungs and flanges can rarely be repaired, and mostly requires a full muffler replacement.
  • Or any combination of the above!

With our large inventory of truck exhaust parts, you can rely on us to manage any repairs to the exhaust system of your vehicle, from the turbo back.

Examples of our exhaust repairs and fabricated exhaust pieces are shown in the photos below - but be sure to call us so we can discuss how best we can help you.

Truck Exhaust Repairs 3
Truck Exhaust Repairs 2
Truck Exhaust Repairs 1